To be honest, for most of my life I haven't enjoyed spring. It’s always a muddy mess and we have previously been stuck in a small apartment in the city to experience “spring.” But now that we’ve bought our first home, we currently get to experience our first spring as homeowners. Yes, it’s still wet and muddy but my mindset has changed.

Thanks to a friend, I recently came across what American writer Kurt Vonnegut said about the seasons: he believed there are 6 seasons.

“One sort of optional thing you might do is to realize that there are six seasons instead of four. The poetry of four seasons is all wrong for this part of the planet, and this may explain why we are so depressed so much of the time. I mean, spring doesn’t feel like spring a lot of the time, and November is all wrong for autumn, and so on.

Here is the truth about the seasons: Spring is May and June. What could be springier than May and June? Summer is July and August. Really hot, right? Autumn is September and October. See the pumpkins? Smell those burning leaves? Next comes the season called Locking. November and December aren’t winter. They’re Locking. Next comes winter, January and February. Boy! Are they ever cold!

What comes next? Not spring. ‘Unlocking’ comes next. What else could cruel March and only slightly less cruel April be? March and April are not spring. They’re Unlocking.”

What he said right there: "March and April are not spring. They're unlocking." Looking at spring with more of an "unlocking" mentality changed my view entirely and makes me look at it beautifully again.

It's a transition: the earth is waking up and stretching it's legs. The birds' morning chirps are louder. Small pops of green emerge from the ground. Buds are forming. Water is flowing again. And now that we are in our own home with a yard and a wonderful neighborhood, we get to experience this outside our own door.

And I've started to love spring again.