Weekend Reading Links 8.23

Beach Picnic Inspiration

This photo was taken this week at a lovely beach picnic at Atwater Beach. Why did we wait until mid-August to have a beach picnic? It was so lovely. Anyways, do you have any big weekend plans? We’re going to lay low and check out a pop up market, have brunch with friends, and do some gardening. Here are some links we came across this week for your own reading:

An eye-opening article on why women drink.

Iceland holds a funeral for a lost glacier.

A relatively painless guide to cutting plastic out of your life! (every little bit helps)

Every boater in the Midwest. (so true it’s funny)

This delicious grilled salmon recipe we've had on repeat.

Vintage Revival's Fiddle Leaf Fig guide saved our plant!

It was finally my turn at our library to read Where the Crawdads Sing and everyone needs to read it.

This podcast episode from Jessica Murnane’s One Part Podcast about going zero waste with Kathryn Kellogg proves that every little thing you can do counts and how to avoid "eco-anxiety.”

Kalin of Sweetwater Floral in northern Michigan has my dream business and created an easy flower garden arranging IGTV and now I just want to grow fields of flowers.

The lungs of the Earth are burning. #savetheamazon

Have a beautiful weekend!