Slocum Home Kitchen Diaries: March


We love connecting with people over food. That’s one of the reasons our group of friends started a monthly dinner club. Recently I came across one of my coworker’s personal blogs and she has a blog series she writes called “The Food We Eat.” This inspired me to write a monthly blog series of our own kitchen diaries since we are always experimenting with new and old recipes in our own kitchen. My camera roll on my phone is mostly food anyways so why not put these photos somewhere? So welcome to the first post of the Slocum Home Kitchen Diaries!

March was our month to start unlocking and transition into some “lighter” foods, specifically on the grill. We didn’t slow roast anything besides a chicken and didn’t make any soups or stews. We busted out the salad greens and started grilling more again. During the winter my body doesn’t crave cold, raw vegetables. It needs warmth and comfort. This last month I actually craved those crunchy veggies again.


We are obsessed with the Milwaukee-based Italian market, Glorioso’s. We LOVE their sauce and meatballs so we found their recipe online and made it. The sauce it so easy - just blend up some canned San Marzano tomatoes and simmer it on the stove with onion and basil to infuse the flavor into the sauce. Sear the meatballs on the stove and finish them off in the oven to ensure they stay delicious and moist. We couldn’t stop talking about how delicious and simple this dinner was!


The weather warmed up and we hit the grill! We bought some delicious sausages from a local shop in Port Washington called Bernie’s Fine Meats. We grilled them up with a huge side of sliced bell peppers and onions, cooking them until they’re soft with a little bit of char. Serve with some warm marinara sauce on top!


I was craving seafood a few times in March and we had some Atlantic cod fillets in the freezer. Chrissy Teigen’s second cookbook has a delicious recipe where you put herbed butter on top of flaky white fish. This herbed butter made my mouth water alone!


On Friday evenings that Alex doesn’t have to work, we’ve started having pizza nights! We have yet to make our own pizza dough (definitely plan to this summer), but Trader Joe’s sells a garlic herb pre-made dough that’s easy to roll out and make it your own. We LOVE grilled pizza and our favorite go-to toppings lately have been lots of sauce, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, prosciutto, and finishing off with arugula on top. Basil is another favorite topping if we’re not using arugula.


A favorite summer go-to grilled recipe is chicken kebabs! A huge plus is the large amount of leftovers we get, and they’re so good leftover. We marinate the chicken in italian dressing and cut up a variety of bell peppers and a sweet onion or two. Once they’re grilled, we like to serve them on top of white rice.


Last but not least, one of our favorite salmon recipes. It’s from Chrissy Teigen’s first “Cravings” cookbook and is so good and easy. Instead of cooking the salmon in a pan, we like to grill the fillets and then brush on the sauce (a mixture of red chili paste and thai sweet chili sauce) at the end. We sauteed some bell pepper, shiitake mushrooms, and chopped up bok choy to serve on the side with jasmine rice. Top off with sesame seeds and green onion to round out that flavor.

We’re hoping to start grilling more in April and are waiting for the days to be warm enough to eat outside on our deck. Our recipes are inspiring us on what to plant in our vegetable garden this summer (i.e. peppers, salad greens, and lots of herbs just to name a few ideas).

What do you think we should cook in April?