Hey there!

We’re Jessica and Alex. We’re newlyweds and bought/moved into our first home less than a month before getting married. Our home is a 1960’s cape cod in a Wisconsin town. We love our town, our home, and newly-married life!

We wanted to create a platform to document our lives as husband and wife in our first home together. We LOVE to cook, doing home projects, gardening, traveling, coffee, craft beer/cocktails, the northwoods, our home state, and much more. Thank you for joining us as we navigate this new journey of our lives together!



Jessica works in the marketing world as a marketing strategist at a local university. She has a passion in video production and photography. Of the two of us, she definitely likes to stay on top of trendy home decor and is fascinated by the latest wellness trend. She can usually be found taking pictures of too many things on her phone and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

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Alex works for a big technology company and therefore is the “techie” in the household, slowly transforming our home into a smart home. He is always researching the newest, best products, whether that’d be for audio, smart lighting, or a new tool. Through homeownership, he’s wanting to get into power tools and woodworking. He loves a good, hearty bowl of pasta and a tasty strong brew (both coffee and beer).

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All photos on this page are by Stukenberg Photography.